Asset Management Support Services

Services Offered

We have specialized over the years in providing back office support services for a number of value added resellers by providing data loading, quotation, warranty validation, contract renewals, supplier portal administration services.

We can operate directly or in support of a customer's sales rep team to provide research, quotation services, co-term adjustments to help drive operational efficiences at a cost effective rate.

Data Management and Migration

  • Monitoring of contract term dates and coordinating these with sales representatives.
  • Acquiring renewals and updated data from vendors or partners with permission from customers or sales represenatatives
  • Encoding of data acquired from vendors or partners
  • Manual loading of encoded data to update database system
  • Verification of data loaded to ensure accuracy and correctness

Opportunity Loading

  • Manual loading of updating of customer opportunities.
  • Management of related sales orders and quotes
  • Produce opportunity reports for sales representatives

Quotation Support

  • Working closely with sales representatives to acquire quote details, specific instructions and other related information to process the customer quotes
  • Communication with vendors or partners to acquire, contract numbers, serial numbers, ship-to-locations, term dates, and other related information to complete customer quotes
  • Application of discounts and computation of final amounts on created quotes specified by the sales representatives
  • Revision and update of completed quotes
  • Analyze quote errors and inconsistencies with previous sales orders or item pricing
  • Processing of quote and coordinating it with corresponding vendor/supplier through email, phone or a specific vendor portal.

Order Booking and Registration

  • Learning and gathering experience in using vendor portaits or existing order booking tools to process or register orders
  • Acquiring necessary information for all order line items to book or register orders soid by the client
  • Registering and booking of orders through email, phone or a specific vendor/supplier portal.
  • Communication with sales representatives for confirmed orders and registrations
  • Experience with CISCO, Symantec and HP Portals

Data Loading

  • Acquire data from an existing database or through partners/vendors
  • Encoding of information from Service Contracts with corresponding Service Level Agreements and list of Assets
  • Manual loading of Service Contracts data into the exisiting database system (contract number, serial number, service level agreements, term dates, etc).
  • Verification of data loaded to ensure accuracy and correctness

Relevant Experience

  • 7 years in the support contract business(started in 2010)
  • Experienced team of 9 resources
  • Combination of Data Analysts, Encoders, Data Loaders and Project Managers
  • 24 hours, 5 days a week round-the-clock support and service
  • Knowledgeable in the service contracts business and can handle high volume requests
  • Works with an average of 2,800 quotation, order booking and registration requests
  • Daily maintenance of renewals and POS orders for 1,200 customer accounts
  • 7 years of experience in using and NetSuite
  • Expert in using Excel for building quotes, reports and data encoding

Vendor Experience

Our team has years of experience working with the following vendors and suppliers.

  • Cisco
  • EMC
  • AVNet
  • HP
  • Arrow
  • Juniper
  • Barracuda
  • Blue Coat
  • Brocade
  • Check Point
  • Citrix
  • CommVault
  • Data Domain
  • Hitachi Data Systems
  • IBM
  • Isilon Systems
  • NetApp
  • Palo Alto Networks
  • Quantum
  • Red Hat
  • Riverbed
  • VMWare

Outcome Projected

  • More accurate opportunity information resulting in more quotes
  • Increased percentage of opportunities pursued
  • Shorter time spent per quote by representatives
  • Faster access to data
  • Less time spent in Excel as more reports become available
  • Sales and Support can spend more time selling rather than researching and encoding
  • Asset database will evolve into an online record of customer orders for end-users to view sales order histories and asset information

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